5 Ways to Improve Rental Property Security in DFW

5 Ways to Improve Rental Property Security in DFW

Posted on December 8, 2020 by A-1

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is known for a lot of things, from Tex-Mex and cowboy hats to long commutes and unpredictable weather. It’s also known for its number of renters, as six out of every 10 people living in DFW are renting their residence instead of purchasing it. Since there are so many renters, it makes sense that there are quite a few rental property owners.

If that’s you, you’re in luck, as today’s post is all about how you can improve the security of your North Texas rental property. Whether you own a condo, apartment complex or you’re renting out a home, here are some ways to help your guests and tenants feel safe.

1. Ensure there is appropriate lighting.

While it may result in a higher electricity bill than you’d like, ensuring there is appropriate lighting will deter many would-be criminals at your property. For multi-residential properties, make sure hallways, stairwells and parking lots are well-lit. Smaller properties should have lighting in both the front and the back yards. Keeping lights on all night long is a smart idea as well.

2. Install a security system.

If you have a security system in place, consider upgrading it. If you don’t, there’s no excuse not to have one these days. Security systems and cameras are more advanced and affordable than ever. You can enjoy professional monitoring, easy installation and a customized plan that meets your needs and gives your tenants peace of mind.

3. Secure vulnerable access points.

Windows, garages and doors are all vulnerable spots in the eyes of a criminal. Make sure all access points are secure by placing them in view of a security system camera, installing motion-sensitive alarms and keeping them shut. It might even make sense to install security bars over windows, depending on your rental property’s location in Dallas-Fort Worth.

4. Swap out or upgrade the locks.

If you still have builder’s-grade locks installed at your Dallas rental property, you need an upgrade. Consider adding digital locks and giving the combination to your tenants (and changing it once they’re no longer staying in your property). This is especially ideal if your rental property is designed for short stays (e.g. Airbnb). New locks and rekeys are a simple, affordable way to boost your security.

5. Partner with a local locksmith.

Still looking for ways to improve rental property security in DFW? Consider partnering with the right professional locksmith. A representative from a trusted company can give you personalized advice and perform a security audit on your property to identify any security issues, as well as solutions for addressing them. In the event you do have a break-in or other crime on your rental property, having their number is handy for fixing any locks and installing upgrades.

If you’re interested in improving the security for your rental property in DFW, give the A-1 Locksmith team a call today for a consultation.

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