The Necessity of Spare Keys

Posted on November 4, 2013 by Jaece Hogue

spare keys

Spare Keys

If you’re anything like me you will have lost your keys, wallet, shoes, and anything else you were needing before you left for work this morning. We all know common sense don’t only have one key.. why? Because the second you loose it  besides the fact that you can’t get back in, the cost to get a new one is SO much more expensive then if you had just listened and gotten that spare key.

Why Do I Need Spare Keys?

Not only should you make sure to have more than one key always, but make sure its not inside your house, on your key chain, or in your car…why? Well because if it’s inside your house and you get locked out then what? Or if the keys are on your key chain or inside your car then what happens when you forget to grab your keys and now your standing on the outside looking down at both your keys and you spare key.

Now there are many ways of holding a spare key. If the keys are of the house, one might have a trusted neighbor hold on to them. This is in fact the approach applied by the large majority usually as location-wise this is ideal. Other places may include hiding it under a flower pot or in the patio. Make sure where ever you choose to hide your keys that it is not an obvious place or out in the open. Imagine someone coming into your home, invading your privacy and going through your belongings all because you used a conventional method of hiding keys that has been seen and heard of by the majority.

There are various services that also offer to store your spare key and deliver it to you. Since losing keys is a common occurrence, these services are gaining popularity especially in places like Europe and America. Various online companies offer yearly memberships where they will deliver the spare keys anytime the individual loses the original one, regardless of the location. Services like such are safe and secure. They’re more convenient than storing keys with friends and cheaper than having a locksmith make new ones.

What Should I Do?

The problem boils down to the fact that a spare key is necessary to avoid inconvenience. But having a spare key is a big responsibility. Many times when the owner is absent minded enough to leave it lying around or entrust it to the wrong people, it leads to home invasion and car theft. Spare keys must be dealt with great care and only be given to close family, friends, or kept on yourself. Stop into any trusted, licensed locksmith for a copy of your key! Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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