What Is A Digital Door Viewer?

Posted on November 4, 2013 by A-1


Digital Door Viewer

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could see who is at your door without having to press your face against the door to look through that ridiculously small peep hole? Well thanks to Multi-lock now you can! You can literally see who is at your door using a small device that looks somewhat like a cell phone.


So What Exactly Is A Digital Door Viewer?

The Digital Door Viewer (DDV) is a digital peep hole, it has a built in camera which allows you to take time stamped pictures or record anyone approaching your door.  The viewer features a LCD screen with a 5.6-inch viewing area that activates at the push of a button. The camera attached is armed with infrared capabilities so even in reduced lighting conditions, you’ll still get a clear picture. The Digital Door Viewer is easy to use and more secure than a regular peep hole. When visitors press the door bell on the door viewer camera, the door bell will then ring. At the same time the screen on the inside of the door will automatically turn on to show the outside images, this lasts about 20 seconds before turning itself off. Also when the door bell is pressed the camera will automatically take a phone of who ever is outside, the photo is then stored automatically. This device can be set up so that even when you’re not home, it also can record up to a half hour and store images.

Where Can I Find A Digital Door Viewer?

You can find this product at any trusted locksmith store front, online, or by the makers of Mul-T-Lock. This product received a 4 out of 5 stars rating. Installation for this product is rather easy no special tools are needed, you only need some AA batteries. The DDV is so easy to operate it’s something elderly and children could use without any hassle.

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