The Padlock: Deconstructing A Legend

Posted on November 10, 2010 by A-1

As we have demonstrated, the padlock is a device that transcends its original medium. Sure, a padlock can be found anywhere in the world, fastened to a door or a fence or a chain or to any manner of objects that must be secured. It is more than just a lock, though. It is a symbol, an icon for safety, security, and peace of mind for millions of people the world over. It can even be seen on a great number of websites, ones that demonstrate that they have indeed taken great strides to ensure that the personal information of their users is secure. Although it has taken on that air of intangibility, it is still very much an icon for physical security. However, much like the websites we use every day, many people still do not think twice about the very things that keep their possessions, their families, or themselves safe.

Even though the padlock has saturated our culture with its ubiquitous presence, there are still many people who are not that knowledgeable about this simple little device. It is because of this simplicity that the padlock is most effective. It is a lock that can be taken anywhere and can be used to secure any manner of object or container. It is as near a universal security measure as we may ever have. A padlock is comprised of three distinct parts: the body, the locking mechanism, and the shackle. The shackle is the U-shaped portion of the lock that is the padlock’s point of contact with what is being secured. It is held within the body of the lock by the locking mechanism, of which there are integrated and modular variants.

Integrated locking systems directly interact with the lock’s tumblers. These systems were, for the most part, a feature of older model padlocks. Integrated systems included disk-based mechanisms, where a rotating disk slides into a notch in the shackle and prevents it from moving. Modern locking systems are referred to as modular mechanisms. Modular locking mechanisms feature tumblers that interact with disks, pins, and wafers but not with the shackle.

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