Transponder Key for Your Car’s Safety

Posted on October 15, 2012 by A-1

transponder keyA Transponder key and how it works has made the dream of many car owners come true.  It provides inbuilt anti theft system for all cars and make them more secure than ever. Working on the principle of radio waves transmission between the chip and the car’s ignition system, it allows car owners to start their car with the built in microchip. A transponder key, even of the same make and model will only work for the precise car it is designed for and none other. This makes cars more secure than ever. Technology sure is making our lives easier and our cars more secure.

Your transponder key comes with your car from the factory. It has a special built in programmed micro chip installed in it which works with a code. The code, more commonly known as the serial number is installed in the chip which is then embedded into the transponder key. When it’s inserted in the ignition, the electrical engine control unit will scan the code on the chip and if it matches with the serial number programmed into its system, then only will the car start. If the ECU cannot validate the code, the car will not start which makes it all the more protected and secure.

A transponder key for your car means more security and theft protection but it also means some good amount of money. When such systems come built in with your cars they are relatively cheaper but if you want to get it installed in your older cars, it means spending a few hundred dollars. Also when a transponder key gets lost or breaks, it is extremely expensive to replace it. Usually a new system has to be installed and it can be quite costly. You can always contact the manufacturing company of the car to get your new chip but that will mean will have to go through a tiresome process of customer complaint and company’s usual routine before they can come replace it for you or get you a new one. The easier process is to summon a good and reliable locksmith that can do the work for you. Some good locksmith companies have expert technicians who know how to work with the technology and can replace yours for you within no time.  However when getting locksmith services for the replacement of your transponder key you need to be sure that their services are reliable and you will not be putting your cars at risk by revealing your lock-code numbers to them.

To avoid all risks and hassle that you might face in case your transponder key gets broken or is lost is to get a pair of spare ones from A-1 Locksmith DFW. We carry all makes and models, starting at $40.  View our transponder key page for more information.  Never get locked out again.

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