Transponder Key – Are They Really That Secure?

Posted on November 4, 2013 by Jaece Hogue
Automotive Transponder Key Replacement

Automotive Transponder Key Replacement

What Is A Transponder Key?

Most of us at some point had no idea what a transponder key was, I know I didn’t until I worked for a locksmith. Inside every transponder key is a chip, that chip is programmed with an embedded code. When the key is turned to start the car, the car scans the transponder key to see if the code matches what’s stored in it’s computer. If the code matches, the car starts… if it doesn’t I guess you’ll be walking! Unless you got that spare key your parents told you to get a thousand times, but well get back to that later.

What’s The Purpose Of A Transponder Key?

The last thing any of us want is to hit the snooze button one too many times, and as we come running out.. the cars gone. The main reason for chipped keys is to prevent auto theft. Before chipped keys anyone could easily steal, copy, or reproduce your key easily. Luckily, today it requires in-depth expertise and equipment to make these keys. So that means you better have a trusted locksmith saved in your phone since Walmart and Lowes can’t help you with this one.

Still Not Convinced? Transponder Keys In-Depth.

Don’t just take our word for it. Below is a link to an article from the authors at Automotive Today, which offers in-depth information on the high-security of a transponder key.

In the article it recommends that you get extra transponder keys from a source that’s experienced with creating and programming auto transponder keys. Well here is my last bit of advice… we’re that resource, if you need additional transponder keys call A-1 Locksmith. With 10 Dallas Fort Worth locations, I’m sure we’ll have the automotive keys you’re in search of.

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