Why It's Important That Your Safe Is Made In America

Why It’s Important That Your Safe Is Made In America

Posted on May 11, 2021 by A-1

You see brands, people and advertisements talk about it constantly. It’s a major selling point. Many people won’t even buy a product unless it has it. We’re talking about a “Made in America” disclaimer. Products without this are likely made overseas. But is that a bad thing?

When it comes to home security, it is. You want ultimate peace of mind with your belongings and a safe made in America will provide that. Liberty safes, for example, are proudly manufactured in the United States. Let’s discuss the benefits of buying a home security item that is made in the United State of America.

Guaranteed Quality

Foreign labor standards are up to the country where the product is being manufactured. United States government bodies can’t control what happens when it comes to foreign policies, procedures and standards. With a safe made in America, everything is transparent and must be approved by the government, so you know everything from the safe walls to the locking mechanism is up to code and of high quality.

Economic Boosts

Buying products like home safes that are made in America means you’re supporting the national and local economy. When you buy a foreign-made safe or other product, you’re supporting the company, country and employees where that product manufacturing plant is located. It also makes a dent on the national trade deficit when you buy American and it has several other economic benefits as well.

Better Working Conditions

Everyone deserves safe and fair wages, but that’s hard to guarantee when you’re talking about another country across the globe. Government regulations on product manufacturing vary from location to location so when you buy a foreign-made safe, you can’t be sure about the working conditions of the team that manufactured it. With U.S.-made products, you can.

Positives for the Environment 

Buying products manufactured abroad can also make a negative impact on the environment. Not only do American standards and technology ensure a minimal carbon footprint, but they don’t have to be transported overseas and are made from cleaner materials.

Be sure to check out our collection of American-made safes and reach out to the A-1 Locksmith team if you have any questions.

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