24 Hr Locksmiths at Your Service

Posted on January 2, 2013 by Jaece Hogue

24 hr locksmiths24 hr locksmiths at A-1 Locksmith DFW can help you with all of your lock and key emergencies, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Sometimes things really cannot wait for the morning, or for Monday, and that’s when you should have our number with you, so that we can help you right away!

If something like your ignition doesn’t work, your whole vehicle won’t work properly and you will face many inconveniences. Ignition cylinder problems can result in you not being able to start your vehicle, or in any key whatsoever being able to start your car! In fact, it might even lead to you not being able to turn your engine off, and with the price of gas today, you can’t afford to run that tank dry because your local locksmith doesn’t work after hours!

Our 24 hr locksmiths are always fast and affordable. You never feel like you’ve gotten an “on-call” locksmith out of bed in the middle of the night, because some of our locksmiths are always working during the night shift. We travel around the Dallas Fort Worth area in mobile vans, spread out so that there’s always an employee near you when you need one!

If you have an ignition problem, you may be inclined to take your car to a mechanic. Not only will a mechanic charge you far more than our 24 hr locksmiths, but most mechanics don’t work at night and won’t come to you! You’ll be stuck with the extra bill to tow your car to the mechanic if it isn’t driveable. An ignition cylinder is a key cylinder—bring your car to the key experts and save a ton of money!

After 60 years of serving satisfied customers in the Dallas Fort Worth area, we know how to provide excellent customer service. Our 24 hr locksmiths will be there fast, charge reasonable, affordable prices, and make sure that you are completely satisfied with your work.

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