Why are VATS Keys So Expensive? Let the Car Key Locksmith Explain

Posted on December 13, 2012 by Jaece Hogue

car key locksmithCar key locksmiths from our reliable DFW locksmith company can replace VATS keys. Of course, they are more expensive that simply cutting a regular key, as you can see if you try to get one at any car dealer. Although we offer this service for less than your car dealer, VATS are still more expensive than regular keys.

Standard keys open a lock by allowing the pins in the lock to fall into place in a particular pattern. This pattern is determined by the “teeth” on the key. To make a new one of these, all a car key locksmith has to do is cut out a pattern in metal. This is inexpensive and simple.

A VATS (vehicle anti-theft system) is made by GM to make their vehicles more secure. Other companies use different names, like PATS (passive anti theft system). These keys have resistors in them. When you try to start a truck using them, an electrical current is passed through. The level of resistance tells your car if you are using the original key or not. Obviously it is more difficult for a car key locksmith to make these than “old-fashioned” devices for unlocking your truck or van!

VATS have 15 different levels of resistance to electrical activity. It takes time for a car key locksmith to cycle through these to make a VATS for your vehicle, especially since trying the wrong one will cause the car to shut down for four minutes. Not only are these more difficult to make, but there is more labour involved. It makes sense that they are more expensive.

Rest assured that you are getting the same great service and value that you can always expect from A-1 Locksmith DFW. We have been trusted in Dallas for more than 60 years and we earned that reputation honestly. The reason it costs you more to get a VATS made is because it costs us more!

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