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Posted on December 10, 2012 by Jaece Hogue

chip keyThe security of your vehicle should never be played with. You have to spend any amount of money that is required to secure you car at all times. You can make use of a chip key to achieve the security purpose.  You need to know more about this product.

Basically, chip keys refer to small metallic devices that have electronic components on them.   They are usually made of two different systems. The first system is known as Passkey System or Vehicle Anti-Theft System (VAT). Chips keys with such systems were first seen on Cadillac and Corvette cars of 1986 model.

The second system of chip keys is known as Radio Frequency Identification Devices.  This radio frequency on the chip keys is usually located at their heads. It’s normally invisible but you can see it if the keys are transparent.

The above two systems add a unique layer of security to cars.  The systems can enable   cars to check the value of the electronic components on the keys before permitting the ignition to come up.    Some of the chip keys systems also prevent cars from cranking while others also prevent the fuel systems of cars from working normally. All these add to the security features of vehicles.

We offer the best kinds of chip keys for various brands of vehicle.  You can always have your car properly secured when you go for the right chip key.  It’s important you have at least 3 chip keys.  You need to have one of the keys programmed for yourself while the remaining 2 will serve as master keys. However, if you happen to go for 1 chip key, you may need to engage the services of a locksmith to program   the rest of the keys for you. A well trained automotive security specialist can as well help you out.

You stand to gain a lot when you go for quality   chip keys.  You can easily rule out the possibility of car theft when you have the right   chip key for your vehicle.  If you happen to lose   any of your chip keys, a good locksmith can help you replace them back.  You may be required to tow the car to locksmith office.  On the other hand, a reputed locksmith firm can as well send their technicians to do the job for you wherever you’re located.

A-1 Locksmith DFW has a lot to offer you. We have ignition chip keys which can be programmed to start a specific vehicle.  Such chips keys are built with elements that can give car thieves   tough time when they try to rob your car. Why not locate the best of the chip keys from us today?

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