Locked Out with a Keyless Entry? You’re Not Alone

Posted on September 11, 2015 by A-1

Many of us have, at one point in time, found ourselves locked out of the car we plan on driving home. We fumble around in our pockets and search our bags, only to peer inside of the vehicle and notice that the keys are lying on the dashboard, almost taunting us. Of course, in this situation, we can, at least, reach out to a professional locksmith for help getting back inside.

What happens, however, if you don’t use keys to enter your car, but instead use a key fob or some other sort of keyless entry? Is there any way for you to regain access to the interior of your vehicle?

Don’t worry if you find yourself locked out with keyless entry. To be sure, you’re only one of many individuals throughout the nation who have suffered the same fate.

Key Fobs Not the Answer to Being Locked Out of a Car

Locked Out with a Keyless Entry You’re Not AloneUltimately, key fobs were widely adopted, in part, to ensure that vehicle owners had a much smaller chance of locking themselves out of their cars. Of course, just like a pair of keys, it is fairly easy to accidentally lock a key fob inside of the vehicle. Unlike traditional keys, however, many modern key fobs are often designed to allow for the car to be unlocked as long as they are within a certain range. Here, then, an individual may lock a key fob within the car, yet still open the door due to the fob’s proximity to the computer.

Unfortunately, like anything with batteries, the key fob may eventually fail to work, leaving these vehicle owners locked out. And this certainly is not a rare occurrence; a 2013 report from AAA asserted that millions of motorists still find themselves locked out, even those who utilize smart keys.

As such, it is important to realize that if you have been locked out while using a smart key or key fob, you’re not alone. In this situation, however, it is imperative that you contact a professional locksmith to regain entry immediately.

How A-1 Locksmith Can Help

How can you ensure that you will still retain access to your car, even if you have been locked out with keyless entry? By contacting a professional with A-1 Locksmith, you can receive the assistance of a locksmith, often in less than 25 minutes, and be on your way home. Our mobile technicians carry in their trucks all of the equipment necessary to replace both traditional and chip or transponder keys, meaning that you’re never without help, even if you’re locked out. And, we offer this service at a cost not available at any local dealership.

So if you find yourself locked out with keyless entry somewhere in the Dallas area, don’t panic. Instead, call us today at A-1 Locksmith and we’ll be on our way in minutes.

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