4 Types of Smart Security Devices to Consider for Your Home or Business

4 Types of Smart Security Devices to Consider for Your Home or Business

Posted on October 15, 2020 by A-1

Whoever said you can’t put a price on peace of mind was right. Your home and your business are where you feel comfortable, so it only makes sense that you would want to feel safe in both of these places as well, right? That can be difficult if you’re worried about security.

Fortunately, modern technology is here to save the day. Specifically, smart security devices. From doorbells and security systems to smart locks and lights, here are smart security devices to consider for your home or business:

1. Smart Locks

For businesses, these are more commonly known as access control systems. For homes, you can just call them digital locks. Either way, upgrading your building’s access points with smart locks can add convenience and peace of mind. On the road and not sure if you locked the door? With a smart lock, you can check your phone to make sure. You also don’t have to carry around a physical key and you can share temporary access codes with people you trust.

2. Security Systems

Most home and business owners are familiar with security systems, and many already have them installed. The only question is, how advanced is yours? Smart security systems these days should have virtual boundaries, connect to mobile devices and allow you to detect anything unusual, like motion. With a simple WiFi connection, you can add extra security to any room or area you’d like to monitor.

3. Smart Doorbells

These are becoming more and more popular these days. Just last year, 25 percent of households with broadband internet had (or plan to buy) a smart doorbell, according to Inman. Those numbers are even higher this year, with Americans spending more time at home than ever before. Smart doorbells are easy to install, easy to use and affordable. A professional locksmith can give you a recommendation on which model or type is best for you.

4. Voice and Video Intercom Systems

Basically “smart doorbells” for businesses, voice and video intercom systems can add modern technology to any entry point. These types of systems offer a variety of benefits, from letting you visually monitor your entryways and control access to doors to letting you communicate with any visitors. By being able to monitor and control any vulnerable access point in your building, you’ll have more peace of mind about its security.

Interested in a smart security device for your home or business? Contact A-1 Locksmith today.

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