Dallas Locksmith Tools for Automotive Lock-outs

Posted on November 15, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

A Dallas locksmith is called every few seconds around the metroplex because someone has locked their keys in their car.   Has this someone ever been you? Sure, we all have at one time or another. Have you ever called a Dallas locksmith? Have you ever wondered what that locksmith was doing as they were unlocking your car? Well here is a list of tools that a locksmith like A-1 Dallas Locksmith COULD use in a lock-out situation. Take a look:

  • air wedge: This is a safe way to not scratch paint or damage car while wedging door open for tools to be inserted
  • lights:  to illuminate the inside of the vehicle to allow the Dallas locksmith to see what you are doing in the dark
  • long reach rod:  used to reach either the door handle or the door lock mechanism to open the door; some have a LED light attached for cars with dark tinting or in dark conditions
  • small wedge or One Hand Jack:  use to aid in the insertion of wedge, air wedge or tool
  • wedge:  harder then air wedge and can cause damage to a vehicle if not used with caution
  • lasso or strap: used to loop around vertical locks that stick up inside the window and pull up
  • Slim Jim:  used by a Dallas locksmith on older model vehicles to pop locks on the outside of glass
  • different shapes rods: each different shape has a different use to open car doors some to reach from door end to lock, switch, or handle, some to reach from outside of car under window to reach inside switch, handle or lock
  • sleeve: used by the Dallas locksmith to insert his tool thru so that the window or body of car will not be damaged
  • manual:  there will always be a car that is something different need to check the differences and different approaches to unlocking
  • Key blanks: un-cut keys ready to be cut
  • key grinder: used to cut blanks to make the key needed
  • Club Buster: used to “bust” off steering wheel locks or break locks in seconds
  • broken key extractor:  removes broken tools stuck in lock
  • LISHI decoder:  used to decode lock (get key shape) and cut key (need to keep a supply for many different cars/trucks)
  • Cloning tool:  used to detect, duplicate and program transponder keys
  • transponder blanks:  the Dallas locksmith will program these by a cloning tool – they can be transponder keys or just transponder key fobs
  • Picking set:  be used to pick locks can be individual picks and shims, gun style, and some are electronic.
  • lock cracker: used to break lock cylinder
  • Window crank:  tool is used when all lock means have been exhausted and used to force window away from spring clip

This is by no means, an all inclusive list. This is not meant to be used to break into another’s vehicle. This is just to keep the consumer informed as to what the Dallas locksmith may be doing and using.

For all of your locksmithing needs, call A-1 Dallas Locksmith at (972) 284-7500 for the call center or for Emergency service, call (972) 284-7516. A-1 Locksmith offers competitive pricing and years of experience and is a name you CAN trust.

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