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Posted on November 17, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

Dallas locksmith is amazing that something as old as man himself is the future…but in terms of doors and lock technology that is definitely the case. Since our genesis, man has undoubtedly carried with him the unique identifiers that grace each of his digits: his fingerprints. Dallas locksmith is identifiable by the patterns and contours of ridges and valleys on our ten fingers. Physiologically, they make us who we are, labeling us in a manner surpassed only by our DNA genetic code. For years law enforcement recognized this fact and utilized fingerprint technology to track criminals, develop investigative cases, and solve crimes. Fingerprints have also been used, proactively, to protect and help find children who have been kidnapped or lost.
Thus, it was only a matter of time until someone recognized the inherent value—and Dallas locksmith convenience—thay lay, pun intended, at our fingertips. Thus, biometric entry devices were conceived. What could be better than never having to worry about losing our keys between the sofa cushions or watching them slide into that spot beneath our car seat where we just cannot reach them? Dallas locksmith says, What could be better than never having to get replacement keys for the keys we have lost? Instead, biometric entry devices would give us more freedom: freedom from carrying keys and key fobs and freedom from the hassles of lost keys. With biometric devices, we would carry our “keys,” our fingers, with us everywhere we go.
At their most basic level, biometric entry devices involve some kind of recognition device that “reads” physiological data—usually a fingerprint, but sometimes palm prints, iris recognition, or facial recognition. Once a user “registers” his or her physiological data in an entry device, a template is created and subsequent attempts to gain entry by this device will result in a comparison of data against stored templates. An attractive quality of biometric entry devices is that many allow the storage of multiple user “templates,” creating a convenient and family-friendly solution to the old jingly key ring. But most importantly, biometric entry devices unlock a whole world of possibilities and put the future of gaining entry at our fingertips! Dallas locksmith wants to help you!
At present, most of us do not yet possess biometric entry devices. As a result, we are fortunate to have experienced locksmiths like those at A-1 Locksmith. Thus, for all your locksmithing needs, contact the experts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, available 24/7 at (972)284-7500.

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