The Future Of Locks Is Biological

Posted on October 30, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

Technology is changing the world around us in ways that we could have never imagined even as little as twenty years ago. We have pocket-sized devices that are capable of keeping in touch with anyone at any time from anywhere on the planet. We have machines that can calculate with supreme accuracy your precise location and can tell you how to get anywhere you would ever need to go. There is a worldwide community and knowledge base that exists purely in the electronic signals that are transmitted over thin air. So many of the things that we enjoy as conveniences are intangible and that is the reason that these things could have never been predicted in the distant past. As such, it will be nigh impossible to imagine just what the future will hold for us. However, that is not to say that we cannot have a guess.

This is true of almost any facet of human construct. For one, all fields of knowledge and study have benefited from the advent and advances of technology, from medicine to manufacturing to entertainment and far beyond. Technology is making the world safer, more efficient, and better as it becomes more advanced. It seems that there are new innovations, new ways of doing things that crop up every day (or at the very least every other day). It is a testament to human intuition and ingenuity that almost every part of our lives can be made better as technology advances. Of course, that includes security, and that is where locksmiths can indeed come in.

As the security industry benefits from technological advances, so too does the means by which the industry operates. Biometric locks are a new frontier for locksmith technologies in which the key is, in fact, the human body. Three popular types of biometric security measures are voice identification, fingerprint scanning, and retina scanning. Voice identification measures each person’s unique voice pattern to allow access to buildings or sensitive material. Retina scans are laser scans of a person’s eye, and are an extremely effective method of theft and access deterrence. Fingerprint scans are far and away the most common biometric security measures. No matter what the technological advances may bring, A-1 Locksmiths will serve the Dallas/Fort Worth area with integrity and pride. Call them at (972)-284-7500 for all your locksmithing needs.

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