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Locksmith Cuts Transponder Keys

Locksmith Dallas Transponder Keys Provide A Huge Improvement in Security and Convenience

Transponder Key

Transponder remote car keys are also known as chip keys, and various types of transponder keys include remote keyless entry car fobs.  These locksmith Dallas keys have dramatically cut down on the number of car thefts on vehicles equipped with these devices.

As an A-1 Locksmith Dallas technician will explain to you, because these transponders use radio transmitters specifically programmed to only work with the specific vehicle, the car will react one of two ways if you do not have the key with you. Either the door of the car will not open or the car will not start.  In order for the car to respond by opening the door or starting up, the key’s signal must be read and accepted.

Like any key, breaking, losing, or locking a transponder key inside the vehicle requires calling a locksmith Dallas expert. Because these keys are difficult to duplicate, using a trusted licensed locksmith Dallas professional is highly recommended. Having a backup key is a fantastic insurance policy against the almost inevitable lock out.

A-1 Locksmith Dallas can help you with that spare key, or help you with fast, reliable emergency service, should the need arise. Unlike any other locksmith in DFW, A-1 Locksmith Dallas has 40 trucks, allowing us to get to you anywhere in the metroplex quickly and program your key at your door. Our six locations in the metroplex are open at least 8 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A-1 Locksmith Dallas has been trusted throughout the DFW metroplex for over 60 years. It has over 100 licensed and certified locksmiths standing by the ready to respond quickly to your emergency. Day or Night, 24/7, we can respond to your call in minutes because we have positioned ourselves from across the metroplex.