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Posted on November 25, 2010 by A-1

It is true that Dallas locksmith technology has a way of improving our everyday lives. Simply take a look at all of the modern conveniences we have and how these inventions have shaped the modern world. There is no corner of the earth that is inaccessible anymore, thanks to innovations in automobile transportation, aviation, and of course global-positioning systems. Our food is kept fresher longer, our goods and services are delivered and rendered with greater speed and efficiency, and access to information is such that you can learn about literally anything you could ever hope to with a few clicks of a button. That is not to mention all of the innovative medical Dallas locksmith technology we enjoy in modern society, inventions that have gone a long way towards improving the quality of life for millions around the globe. With all of this technology, though, there can be a downside.

The security Dallas locksmith industry may continue to accrue more sophisticated methods of access control, but there will always be those that look for ways to circumvent established security measures. One of Dallas locksmith these subversive methods is known as the ‘bump key.’ A bump key is simply one that has had its notches filed down to the lowest part of the biting. When a correct key is put into the lock, the stacks of pins that impede the lock cylinder from turning become oriented in such a way as to allow access. The bump key can be inserted into the key way, but the pin stacks are still oriented in such a manner as to prevent the cylinder from turning. When the key is ‘bumped,’ pretty much hit in a certain way, there is a momentary orientation of the pins that allows access. If the key were to be rotated at the right moment after bumping, access could be gained. Of course, there are several countermeasures in place that prevent bump keys from becoming a prominent tool for criminals. However, it is a testament to the power of will that criminals will still try to circumvent safety and security measures.

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