Should you Buy Your Replacement Auto Keys Online?

Posted on October 10, 2017 by Jaece Hogue

We’ve all been there when it comes to losing the keys to your car.  Whether left behind in the restaurant, dropped along that morning jog route or swallowed up into the black hole of doom that seems to exist in every home, misplaced or lost keys can really put a damper on your ability to get to work, go out with friends or secure your vehicle in general.

It doesn’t help matters that today’s modern car keys come with a host of programmable features, chips, security features and more, necessitating the need for specialized purchases.  Many drivers in search of replacement keys will often flock to the internet, thinking a great deal on that chip key or fully featured smart key is just a button click away.  While purchasing replacement auto keys online from places such as Amazon or Ebay may seem like a time and money saving convenience, unwary drivers may find themselves disappointed when the reality of their purchase kicks in.

Programmable Chip Keys are a Toss Up

One of the most popular types of security features in auto keys today are chip-keys.  These marvels of modern innovation require special programming, allowing a signal to be communicated between key and car which, when absent, prevents the car from starting up.  This is a handy safety feature to deter would-be thieves but can be problematic when buying your replacement key online.

Each specific make and model of car has a narrow range of acceptable chip-key options, making selection of the proper key design critical.  When buying online replacement keys, it can be difficult to know whether you’re selecting the appropriate option for your individual car.  When you do make the correct key choice, the online replacement often won’t take or hold the programming which can put a real damper on buyers looking for a quick and easy replacement solution.  Online retailers have no problem selling previously programmed keys or replacement chip-keys from cut rate sources, severely lowering the standard for quality control.

Multi-Function Keys Won’t Function at All

The chip isn’t the only aspect of key technology that often malfunctions with online replacements.  Keys that include built-in buttons for basic car functions are also prone to misfire.  Alarm buttons that refuse to connect with your car’s system or trunk buttons that trigger the alarm system instead are just a few of the issues commonly seen with replacement keys purchased online.  In addition, the inexpensive replacement keys available online often break or fall apart after long-term use, negating the benefit from any initial cost savings.

Customer Service, Professionalism and More

The overall problem with buying replacement auto keys online comes down to accountability from the seller.  Anyone with a keyboard and internet access can sell on discount sites, making finding a reliable security partner for your auto key needs all but impossible.  When problems arise, buyers are left with little-to-no recourse for lost time or frustration, much less returns, replacements or refunds.

If you’re in the market for replacement auto keys, consider saving yourself time and frustration from the get-go by making your first call to a licensed, professional locksmith such as those at A-1 Locksmith.  At A-1 we have in-depth knowledge of the various requirements of chip-keys, auto alarm triggers, smart keys and more.  Our certified locksmiths will ensure that your replacement auto keys are functioning correctly and we fully stand behind our products and services, ensuring that we get the job right the first time, every time.  If you’re in the market for replacement or duplicate auto keys, call A-1 today for a free quote and see for yourself the difference experience and dedication makes when choosing a reputable locksmith source for your lock and security needs.

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