Could Your Garage Door be a Vulnerability in Your Home Security?

Posted on October 5, 2017 by Jaece Hogue

So, you think your home is pretty safe, right?  You have locks on your exterior doors, your windows are shut tight and locked.  Maybe you even have an alarm system that ensures you feel safe and cozy when you leave the house in the morning or turn off the lights for a restful night’s sleep.  What most homeowners fail to realize, however, is that when it comes to their safety and security they’re probably overlooking one of the biggest vulnerabilities to burglary or break in.

We’re talking your garage.  Yup, the place where you store your car may actually be your home’s biggest safety concern; but it doesn’t have to be. Here we delve into how you can button up your garage’s security and keep your family and belongings safe and sound.

Old, Missing or Unused Locks

Let’s face it, most homeowners don’t think of the garage as anything other than a place to store vehicles or tools.  If you have a connected garage, however, entry into this structure is the easiest and least conspicuous way to gain access to your home.  While most exterior doors from the home to the garage have deadbolts and sturdy structure thanks to fire and safety regulations, homeowners often fail to engage them and don’t maintain similar security on the garage exterior or roll up door.

Proper, modern deadbolt locks and locking mechanisms on carport doors are critical to securing both your home and your valuable belongings such as autos and tools.  Repair faulty or older exterior doors or consider replacing with modern composite and burglar-proof secured options.  An updated garage door is also essential as older models can easily have individual panels punched out or removed, making entry a snap.

Outdated Garage Door Openers as a Liability

Speaking of garage door openers, depending on your individual electronic system you may be vulnerable to an easy hack or digital override of your opening system.  Some wired homes fail to properly secure internet ports and addresses used for communicating between home systems, leaving them vulnerable to attack by hackers.  Older garage door models are also vulnerable through signal stealing devices that capture individual frequencies used by your garage door opener to communicate with the opening device.  Modern systems have codes that rotate each time the opener is pressed, making signal or code stealing a thing of the past.

What’s in a Window

Windows in your home often get a lot of attention when it comes to security but garage windows seldom garner anything more than passing thought.  Garage door windows usually lack sophisticated locking devices or are left uncovered by the home’s main security system, making these external hatches easy pickings for would be thieves.  Replace rotting or outdated windows with newer, more secure models and ensure that all locks and latches are working and engaged before you turn in at night or leave the house.

Alarms, Security Lights and More

In addition to the common points of entry, your garage should receive the same general attention as your primary residence.  Security alarms should extend to all exterior garage openings as well as the interior door to your home.  Outdoor security lights with motion-sensing activation or even discreet camera systems can also be deterrents that have burglars skipping your abode.

If any of these items needs addressed on your home or if you’d like a complete security analysis of your garage, home or office, call A-1 Locksmith for a full assessment.  You can rest safely knowing that the safety of your home and possessions is in the hands of our professional, experienced staff.  From installation to follow up and more, A-1 is your trusted name in Texas locksmiths.

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