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Posted on December 2, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

Everyone uses keys, whither it be Dallas locksmith keys, business , or for your home. One thing is for certain though that we all have either misplaced or lost are them. It is always good to have extra set made for our homes, businesses, and cars.

A-1 Locksmith encourages the Dallas and Fort Worth community to have extra keys made for themselves. This might sound like a business plug but actually Dallas Locksmith is trying to save you time and money. If you decide not to have extra keys made their is a strong possibility that you will either misplace or lose your set. This will then lead to a long period of you searching for those keys and will in the end cost you your time and also cost you money because you will have to find a reliable Dallas locksmith to come out and unlock your car, home, or business.

Dallas locksmith wants you to be as stress free as you can in this busy DFW area and is just trying to help you prepare for these possible interruptions in life. So we encourage you to check and see what keys you need extras for.

Here are some tips on where to keep your extra keys hidden at your home:

  • Never keep them in front of the house. It is so common and burglars check there first.
  • Always keep them in a small container.
  • Keep them in the back yard in either your grill or storage shed.

Dallas Locksmith guarantees the lowest prices in the locksmith industry! CALL 972-284-7500 for more info!

A-1 Locksmith has transponder keys for only $40 to $175! That saves you hundreds compared to car dealerships that charge you $80 to $450 for only one transponder key. Car dealerships over charge up to 300%. This means they are reaching down into your pockets trying to scrape as much money out of you as they can.

For any rekeying, new transponder keys, locks, or advice on what keys or locks you should replace feel free to call us at  972-284-7500! Their will be a live representative there to chat with you.

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