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Posted on December 3, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

Most of us look on the internet and try to find the cheapest price for the product we are looking for. This can get us into a lot of trouble especially dealing with locksmiths. We need to make sure the company we hire is licensed and reputable or we can become victims of such scams in the locksmith industry.

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Scams are becoming an epidemic throughout the major cities throughout the United States including our very own Dallas. We have seen so many people victimized by companies that have shown false representation of who they are when speaking with the customer or from their website. Many of these companies are set up by illegal aliens coming from many different nations. These scam companies are usually not even based in the city you are calling from but instead redirecting your call to either the west or east coast. They have call centers in cities like New York City and San Francisco. They contact their local illegal immigrant in your city to drive to your home or car to see how much they can rip you off. They tell their employees to charge you as much as possible sometimes making you the customer pay up to hundreds of dollars when is could of been only $30-50. Locksmith Dallas is trying to do as much as possible by warning the public what is happening. The Federal Government is also trying to crack down on them but it is hard because they are a mobile scam unit so it’s hard to place them specifically.

Here are some tips for you to make sure that you aren’t being scammed. First, when you call listen to make sure they give their company name when they pick up. Second, ask for their specific address and if you have a smartphone take the time to look their address online. Finally, ask specific questions and when they show up ask to see a written estimate before they start their work. You can also go ahead and put a professional locksmith Dallas number in your phone just in case of an emergency. If you do all these things it will lower the chances of you having to deal with bad experience that could take your time and money. Locksmith Dallas 972-284-7500

Remember Dallas and Fort Worth have many wonderful locksmiths but we need to make sure we find a professional one. Cheap isn’t bad but make sure they aren’t cheap in service or in character.

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