Car Lock Out Kits

Car Lockout Kits: Pros and Cons

Posted on January 19, 2023 by A-1

Inflation has been intense the past couple of years, to put it lightly. According to BECU, eggs are up 33 percent in 2022 from 2021, chicken is up 20 percent and lunch meats are up 18 percent, to name a few.

Everyone is looking to save a little money these days.

This is why you’re seeing more and more DIY projects emerge. If that sounds like you and you’ve been considering a car lockout kit, here are the advantages and disadvantages to owning one.

What Is a Car Lockout Kit?

In case you aren’t familiar, a car lockout kit is for exactly what it sounds like—helping you when you’re locked out of your car. You can find car lockout kits at most major big-box retailers or online websites and they’ll typically include a variety of items, such as trim removal tools, air wedge pumps and fastener removers. You can often find these kits for $100 or less, which makes them seem like an affordable solution. But are they?

Pros of Car Lockout Kits

They’re affordable and convenient, but car lockout kits also come with a few other benefits that make them appealing. These include:

  • Effective: these kits usually include a wide variety of tools so you can try different reentry techniques.
  • Convenient: you can use the kit immediately instead of waiting for emergency personnel or a professional locksmith. 
  • Peace of mind: knowing you have a kit on hand will reduce stress, especially on long road trips.

Cons of Car Lockout Kits

What’s not to love about these kits? Well, there are some disadvantages to car lockout kits that most people don’t know about. These include:

  • Damage: one of the biggest reasons to avoid a car lockout kit is the damage you could potentially do to your vehicle. You might break a window, locking mechanism or even the function of the door itself. (All of this can happen without unlocking the vehicle, too.)
  • Limited: these kits don’t work on all vehicles, so it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to access the inside of your locked car again. Many people buy kits, don’t test them and then are frustrated that they don’t work in the moment of need.
  • Safety: have you thought about where you’ll store the car lockout kit? It wouldn’t make sense to store in the vehicle and keeping it on you is inconvenient. Another disadvantage that these kits create by their existence is the fact that criminals can buy them just like you. So, if they’re effective for you, they’re effective for them.

We hope this information helps you understand the pros and cons of car lockout kits. If you have questions about automobile security or another security-related topic, contact the team at A-1 Locksmith today!

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