Clip Your Keys

Posted on October 27, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

College students have a million unique things to worry about every day. Exams, living arrangements, having enough money, conflicting schedules, making it to class on time, balancing studying and sleeping, andmaintaining good grades are just a few of the many sources of stress for the average university undergraduate. As well, it is a reality that these students can tend to forget a thing or two over the course of their average day. Maybe they forgot what time that crucial bus was going to arrive at their stop, or maybe they forgot to put their name on an important assignment. Perhaps they forgot a belonging in the library or the student union. These things happen to everyone, but with all the added pressures of the collegiate environment the stress doubles or even triples its normal level. There is one added stress that no college student can possibly avoid: having to keep track of all of their keys.

Think about how many keys a college student might have: keys to open their dorm or apartment; house, car, locker, and mailbox keys; key cards for gaining access to laboratory buildings or other areas of campus; a key code to gain access to apartments or other buildings; keys for bike locks, safes, and laptop locks. It is almost a mathematical certainty that a student will forget or misplace each of these keys at least once and will often lose more than one in the same relative time period. Bad things happen to everyone, this is a fact. Losing a key is just a small part of that, but it can be quite the headache. There are, however, methods of keeping track of all of these random keys that can (almost) ensure that they are not misplaced.

A good solution for keeping track of all of these keys is to attach them to a carabiner. There are many good reasons to do this. For one, the carabiner can be securely fastened to a beltloop or pocket for convenience and ease-of-use. It is very difficult for somebody to lose a set of keys that is physically secured to their body without some freakish perversion of nature taking place. As well, a carabiner is a great theft deterrent. The keys can be arranged in a pattern or color-coded for further efficiency. A special plastic pocket that can be clipped to the carabiner can keep track of any key cards that are used in everyday life. Of course, it is a fact of life that even the most careful person can lose an important key. Because bad things happen at all hours of the night, A1 Locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever you need them in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Call them at (972)-284-7585 at any hour for any of your emergency locksmith needs.

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