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Posted on November 19, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

A locksmith in today’s world of security must be, of course, innovative and forward-thinking. As technology advances and the world becomes a little more connected each day, threats could come from any direction at any time and for any purpose. It is very much an unpredictable system; and, as such, variables are constantly altered by environmental factors. What is a threat one day might become a nonentity the next, relatively speaking. As well, what may seem inane in one respect could prove to be a credible threat.

Thus, the security industry is constantly trying to stay one step ahead in its efforts to maintain integrity and validity in locksmith methods and practices. This of course will call for a change of these methods and practices as time goes on and security countermeasures become a great deal more sophisticated. When criminals and other wrongdoers evolve their methods, it is an appropriate measure to adapt and overcome.

That, of course, calls for a more sophisticated or clever way of maintaining security. This can be met by a locksmith improving and rethinking the way that locks and keys function. There are a variety of keys to be found in the world, and some of them are strange and downright clever. Here is such a sampling of the more unique locksmith locks that can be found:

  • Interchangeable core locks are a type of locking mechanism in which the key cylinder that houses the mechanism can be interchanged and combined with other similar models without disassembling the mechanism. This, in turn, is useful for master key systems and repair purposes.
  • Tubular pin tumbler locks are a variation on the common theme of the pin tumbler locking mechanism. Instead of orienting the pins vertically to allow the plug to spin, the pins are situated horizontally. A cylindrical key fits over the key pins and allows the driver pins to orient in such a way that the plug spins.
  • High-security BiLocks are a lock and key system that is said to be bump-proof and drill-resistant. The lock itself has twelve pins, sets of which are situated parallel to one another to be accessed by a key that has two separate sets of bitting.

No matter what the lock or key or mechanism, the professionals at A-1 Locksmith can solve the locksmith problems of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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