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Posted on November 22, 2010 by A-1

A-1 Dallas Locksmith will tell you that if you talk to any security expert, whether it be a police officer or a home safety specialist, and the number one piece of advice he or she will give is perhaps the most basic and common sense one available:  lock your doors.  The second piece of advice you will likely receive will be to check your doors and locking mechanisms.  After all, in the day and age of constantly advancing technology, including that which helps burglars and criminals, the most basic home safety device from a Dallas locksmith is the door lock and its many variations.  Door locking devices come in many iterations, and it is important to recognize and utilize the different types to best protect our homes.

  1. The most basic locking device used to provide protection is the doorknob lock.  Doorknob locks, while they provide a basic level of security for entry doors, are best utilized on interior doors to provide privacy.  On exterior doors, doorknob locks are most effective when coupled with other locking mechanicisms, such as those described below. Any Dallas locksmith shop will carry these.
  2. Perhaps the best-recognized and strongest locking mechanism to utilize on any exterior door is the deadbolt.  Deadbolts provide added strength and security to doors that have only doorknob locks.  What is important with deadbolts is that the metal bolts extend at least one inch into the wooden door frame.  Most deadbolts that are installed in a door are either single cylinder, which utilize a keyhole on the exterior and a knob inside, or double cylinder, which have a keyhole both inside and outside.  An experienced Dallas locksmith such as A-1 Dallas Locksmith (972-284-7500) can also install high-security deadbolts, which are generally more sturdy and resistant to picking and drilling and are specially designed to thwart burglars.
  3. Some homeowners have gained an additional measure of security by installing surface mounted deadbolts or night latches, which are typically mounted to the surface of the door, but they are sometimes criticized for their bulk.

Regardless of what a homeowner’s current locking system is at the present, the best security is provided by a combination of different locks and devices.  A Dallas locksmith will help advise you on the best protection equipment for your specific needs.  It is a well-known fact that burglars and criminals are often deterred by anything that can create an obstacle and slow them down; thus, having a series of locks above and beyond the old stand-by doorknob lock is heavily advised.  Likewise, the best measure of security comes from having a professional locksmith consult and create a security plan for all entryways.  That’s why A-1 Dallas Locksmith can be so helpful for those living in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and Plano metro areas.  A-1 Dallas Locksmith are located at 2685 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, TX 75229 – (214) 350-2021. They are available 24/7 for all your locksmithing needs.

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