Duplicate Keys Can Save You Time

Posted on November 1, 2013 by Jaece Hogue

duplicate keysWhat is a Duplicate Key?

The term duplicate key refers to a key made simply by tracing another key.

You could be a business professional, a student, or just an average Joe – one thing is for certain, everybody needs to have a spare set of keys!

When your keys are lost, your entire world comes to a halt. Suddenly you find yourself locked out of your everyday life. You are unable to get into your house, denied access to your office, and even find yourself immobile because you can’t drive your car. Having a duplicate key to all the important aspects of your life is essential in our modern world.

Top 5 Reasons Duplicate Keys are Essential:

1. Duplicate keys save time.

You have tickets to the big game. After work, you have just enough time to rush home, change, and get on your way. Only as you are walking out the door to leave, you realize that you have lost your keys. You can call an expert locksmith, but you will miss the beginning of the game. Too bad you don’t have a duplicate key, that would save you precious time.

2. They are convenient.

You are meeting your parents for lunch near your office. You forgot something important at your house, but it is too far to go grab it. Your parents offer to swing by and pick it up on the way to meet you for lunch, but they don’t have a key. It would sure have been convenient if they were to have a duplicate key.

3. They will diffuse a stressful situation.

It’s the holidays, and your in laws are on there way in town. You are due to pick them up at the airport in less than an hour. You are already in a rush, since you have to stop by the store on the way there. You are all set to leave, but you can’t find your car keys. Oh no! You don’t have time to waste, their flight will be landing shortly. If only you had a duplicate key, this stressful situation could have been averted.

4. Having a duplicate key is the responsible thing to do.

You are hosting business associates in from out of town. You take them to a nice dinner, where you proceed to close the “deal” you have been working on for months. They have agreed to go back to the office after dinner so that they can sign all the necessary paperwork to move forward with your deal. You all arrive at the front door of the office, only to find that you are missing your keys. Having a duplicate office key would sure be nice right about now!

5. In an emergency, duplicate keys could save lives!

Imagine you are on a camping trip. You go to grab some firewood to start a camp fire, and all of a sudden you are bitten by a poisonous snake. You have only minutes to get to a hospital. You look around for your keys, but realize you must have dropped them on your hike earlier. In this situation, having duplicate key could actually save your life!

Remember, you never know when you can use a duplicate set of keys, so it’s best to have them before you need them.  At the very least, make sure that you have an expert locksmith’s phone number programmed in your phone so you can get back to your life quickly!

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