Dallas Locksmith Scam Artists

Posted on February 17, 2011 by A-1

Dallas locksmith, scam artists, and 800#’s have many things in common,but the main one is they are all very prevalent here in the DFW. Yes their are many Dallas locksmith scams here and they are becoming an epidemic that is reaching far beyond the borders of our city.

Scam artists try and get people in almost every market. They have become more prominent lately in the Dallas locksmith industry which is affecting business everywhere. It hurts the real Dallas locksmith companies more than anyone because now no one trusts the real thing so legit organizations are being hurt.

800#’s are the worst, well they have worked in the past but they are now being targeted as scam numbers. So basically if you see one on a local business you can bet your bottom dollar that it is either a national company trying to spam the system or a scam ring trying to steal money. Either way it is a bad thing and you don’t really want to fall in the hands of either one of those. Even though you might work with a national company for a local reason, they won’t care about you because you are just one small pea in the pot.

Dallas locksmith businesses are now in a tight spot because they are real but you have all these illegal groups coming in making their profession look really bad. What are they suppose to do? Well, for one they try to market to you in a way that you feel safe with them and showing you that they have been around forever and not just set shop in the last few years.

Another way certified Dallas locksmith organizations will always show you proof of them being a real locksmith. You can ask them anytime, if they refuse then it’d be safe to reject them for that. I mean you don’t want an illegal to get inside your car or home. What stops them later from going into your private space later and robbing you?



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