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Posted on December 8, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

A lot of times when we park our car some place we tend not to think what we are leaving behind. Dallas locksmith will help you! Maybe its our wallet or purse in the seat or even some extra keys in plain view site. But in either of those cases it will give A-1 Locksmith cause for alarm.

Many criminals will walk through a parking lot especially a restaurant. I had this happen to a friend the other day. He just got back home from out of the country and him and his wife went to eat. It was a fairly nice restaurant and the parking lot was crowded. He had all of his cameras, cash, notes, and other personal belongings in his SUV. Now someone had the gall to look into his car, see his briefcase, and take it. But they just didn’t open his door, they actually smashed the rear window, glass everywhere, and took his stuff within seconds. Dallas Locksmith knows how to help you!

Now that story is true. That stuff happens all the time and other worse things happen as well. Sometimes they just don’t take a few things but take the whole car because someone leave car keys on the seat.

Dallas locksmith has some suggestions on how to keep your car or truck safefrom criminals:

  • Park as close to the front as possible. Criminals don’t like to be close to the action.
  • When leaving your car make sure your keys are put under the seat or simply take them with you.
  • Put all your valuables under the seat as well. Out of sight out of mind.
  • Always lock your car when exiting.
  • Always arm your car. Set your alarm.

Dallas locksmith always wants you be extra safe when it comes to your vehicle and you can never be to safe. I was a cop for awhile and I saw so many people’s stuff stolen because they didn’t lock their cars or they left their transponder keys in their seats. Nothing about that is wise and it is only asking for trouble.

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