Security Systems 101

Security Systems 101

Posted on October 4, 2022 by A-1

Not a security system expert? You’re not alone. Unless you have the proper training and expertise, it can be almost impossible to tell one component from another—much less set up and maintain an entire security system for your home or business

You’re good at what you do and we’re good at what we do. Security systems are just one of our many areas of expertise, so today, we’re here to help you research, set up and/or install yours. Read on to learn more about the basics of security systems.

Security System Components

First, you should know what all is involved in a typical security system and how each component works. A professional locksmith or security professional can give you a more detailed breakdown (or answer specific questions), but here are the general areas you need to know:

  • Cameras: Obviously one of the most important components of a security system, the cameras give you views of your home or business. But did you know that you have options when it comes to aspects like placement, number of cameras and features? You can even install cameras with high definition, motion tracking and recording capabilities. Cloud vs. local storage are also important considerations for your security cameras.
  • Controls: Signals, lights and motion detected by your security system components go to the control panel, where they’re interpreted and the system determines whether an alarm should be activated or not. This is also where you can set up security system monitoring and maintenance services.
  • Sensors: If the sensors for one area of your security system are down, it could compromise your entire building. This is why regular inspections and maintenance are important. Security system sensors can get dirty or dusty and need to be cleaned, so make sure you know where they’re all located.
  • Signals: If an intruder trips your security system alarm and the system isn’t being monitored, it won’t do you any good (other than offering a mild cosmetic deterrent to would-be burglars). Test that the signals of our system are working properly and call your monitoring company to ensure they’re receiving them. 

Installing and Monitoring Your System

Knowing about a security system and working on one are two different things, so if you don’t have much security or electrical knowledge, we recommend trusting an expert to install and/or monitor or maintain the security system of your home or business. At A-1 Locksmith Security and Safes, we sell, install and maintain security cameras, burglar alarms, card swipe systems, mobile access control systems, electronic/automatic locks, keypads, on-site security surveys and more. We even provide full security monitoring services, so we have all of your security needs covered.

If you have more security system questions, contact the team at A-1 Locksmith today.

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