Do You Still Need a Home Safe with a Home Security System?

Posted on January 12, 2017 by A-1

Many homeowners find significant peace of mind after installing a home security system in their house. And this is for good reason: as a result of rapid advances in technology over recent years, home security systems now provide for an enhanced amount of protection, including video surveillance, alarms and alarm monitoring, intercoms, smart home controls, and much more. All of this combines to ensure the structure and contents of the home are safeguarded at all times.


But even with a home security system in place, many professionals still recommend that homeowners install a home safe, as well, to shield the most valuable of items that deserve extra defense. One question remains: is this an excessive amount of defense bred from unnecessary worry, or should homeowners truly consider the benefits of this doubled protection?


Why It’s Smart to Install a Home Safe and a Home Security System Together


Some may see the input of both of these systems as nonessential, a pointless overlap in home security. In reality, however, the installation of a home safe together with a security system is a relatively cost effective way to protect your valuables, items that you could not bear to lose.


To be sure, home security systems provide a solid defense and needed layer of protection. With a home security system, you can feel comfortable in your home, and safe from intruders and anyone or anything else outside your front door. That being said, a scenario may arise wherein the security system is temporarily compromised, or you may even invite visitors into your home in whom you cannot completely place your trust. Here, if your valuables, such as family heirlooms, jewelry, or other high-worth items, have been placed in a safe beforehand, you can possess additional peace of mind knowing that your most prized assets are still out of reach.


Ask for Help from a Professional


If you are considering the installation of a home security system or a home safe, reach out to the professionals at A-1 Locksmith today. Our Dallas-Fort Worth locksmith professionals have decades of experience serving clients in the area, and we are happy to assist you immediately.

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