The 4 Best Ways to Store a Spare Key

The 4 Best Ways to Store a Spare Key

Posted on August 17, 2021 by A-1

You know how your password should never be something simple, right? It’s recommended that you avoid anything with your name, birth date or easy-to-hack combinations like “1234.” Home security is the same way. Hiding your key under the mat and fake rocks are like giving criminals your password. Only this mistake impacts your physical security and peace of mind.

While fake rocks were once a foolproof way to trick burglars and hide spare keys around your residence, criminals are getting smarter these days. Your home security strategy should be revisited to see if it’s up to 2021 standards. Here are some smarter ways to keep that spare key accessible, yet out of sight.

  1. Disguised Key Holder

The problem with fake rocks is that criminals know to look for them and will keep an eye out for any stone that seems unnatural. Some have better designs than others, but you might want to consider an innovative or non-traditional disguised key holder instead. Examples include drain caps, fake electrical outlets, pots with hidden compartments, lockboxes and more. There are more options available today than you might think.

  1. With a Friend, Family Member or Neighbor

If you don’t trust these key holders (or you have particularly clever thieves in your area), a friend, family member or neighbor might be a better option for your spare key. As long as you trust the individual (and that they’ll store it properly), you can have peace of mind knowing someone close by has access to your home should you or your family ever need it.

  1. In An Unexpected Location

If you don’t have anyone you trust and don’t want to spend money on a disguised key holder, finding a strategic on-property hiding spot is another option. There are lots of nooks, crannies and little-known hiding places if you look hard enough. Examples include the backyard tree, a flower garden, buried in a bottle and in your car’s license plate. As long as you’re the only one who knows where it is, no one else will find it easily.

  1. Don’t Use One!

Finally, you may want to consider keyless entry to your home. With this option, you don’t even have to have a spare key if you don’t want to (though key overrides are available). Additional features of keyless locks include smartphone/bluetooth compatibility, the ability to lock or unlock remotely and the option to give temporary access to someone and change your codes. 

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