Dallas Locksmith on “The Bait and Switch Scam”

Posted on November 23, 2010 by A-1

A-1 Dallas Locksmith is passionate about increasing its customers’ awareness of local locksmith scams.

With the financial difficulties and tough times that plague our world today, it is not surprising that some individuals who are out of work are turning to crime.  Unfortunately, the prey for these criminals is those of us who are law-abiding citizens, and, as a result of their actions, we stand to lose money, irreplaceable valuables, our sense of security, and our trust for those around us.   We know that these thieves and burglars are out there, and we can take steps to protect ourselves, but there are others out there who are less overt in their actions but prey on us all the same.  These  scammers capitalize on our vulnerabilities, pretending to provide a much-needed service just when we need it most, but instead they take advantage of that vulnerability.  Locksmithing scams are one such instance when unscrupulous individuals take advantage of those in need.  A common  scam technique is to quote a consumer a lower price for a service and then raise the price when the “Dallas locksmith” arrives to actually provide the service.  This scam technique is called the Dallas locksmith “bait and switch,” and it is particularly effective in bullying those in need of help, namely those who might be locked out of a car or home.  In any event, it is unethical, unprofessional, and tantamount to extortion.

Consumers can take steps to protect themselves from such Dallas locksmith scams, particularly when they might be most vulnerable (i.e. a lockout situation) by simply being proactive and planning ahead for such a problem.  By planning ahead, a consumer would give himself or herself time to research a Dallas locksmith company and prevent his or her vulnerability in a time of need.  The proactive consumer could read reviews of a company, investigate to see if there have been Better Business Bureau complaints about the company, and check on the business’s credentials and licenses.  Likewise, he or she could also check to see if the company has a legitimate phone number and a permanent address, both of which are often lacking in a scam, simply due to a Dallas locksmith scammer’s transient nature.  Being proactive might seem like a lot of work, but it can provide peace of mind at a time when we are most vulnerable and might need it most.

Consumers can also find peace of mind by working with a well-respected and proven company like A-1 Dallas Locksmith, who serve the Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, and Arlington metro areas.  Available 24/7 for all your locksmithing needs, A-1 Dallas Locksmith is the reliable, honest alternative to the scammers of our world.

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