My Transponder Key, To many?

Posted on December 7, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

I don’t know if you have this problem but I have multiple transponder key. From business and security deposit box keys to one that open my house and car. They seem to be piling up and it is getting hard to have them all on my keychain. A-1 Locksmith has some solutions for you if you are dealing with the same things that I have been.

Here some ideas for you to keep your keychain a little less bulky:

  • Have multiple keychains. Don’t have all your transponder key on one loop this can cause confusion.
  • Have to carabiners. One for your car and home and the other for your work and others.
  • Keep your car transponder key and car remote on one loop and your house set on they other. But put them on the same carabiner.
  • Put your business set and other ones on separate loops and on a different carabiner than the car and home one.

Now you will probably ask the question,”where should I keep these carabiners“, well A-1 locksmith isn’t going to leave you hanging so here are a few more ideas on how to do that.

  • If you are a woman you can keep one in your purse and they other attached to the outside of your purse.
  • If you are a guy you can attach one to each side of your person on your belt loop.
  • You can also just keep one in your pocket and attach the other to your pants.

It might seem like a hassle; but it really isn’t. It will actually allow you to be more organized and the chances of you losing or misplacing your keys are really low. Even if you did lose one carabiner at least you haven’t lost all your transponder key which is really good.

A-1 Locksmith provides transponder key duplication if you need that but you can find a carabiner online. Just Google them.

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