Locksmith Transponder Keys: What Are They?

Posted on November 4, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

Locksmith transponder keys are the factory-made accessories that come with new cars; they provide for radio transmission between the car and the key.

They don’t physically talk to each other but they DO communicate. The radio transmission allows for a key to be programmed to start one specific, unique car. That’s right—only one transponder per individual car will work. It makes sure that only the person in possession of the car will be able to start and drive it.

Transponders drastically reduce the opportunity for a car thief to steal your vehicle.

A blank transponder key (in other words, one that has not been programmed yet) can crank a car; but it will not start the car. The only way to get that device to start the car is to program it with your vehicle’s specific radio transmission.

What happens if I lost my car key?

If you lose it, you have to get it replaced by a certified locksmith or your car dealer that has the expensive machines and knowledge to program the code. A certified local locksmith like A-1 can replace your car key quickly at 25% – 50% less than your auto dealer! Call 972-284-7500 to speak with A-1 Locksmith about their transponder replacement service.

Ok, so how do these devices WORK and why do you need to pay to have it programmed correctly?

The transponder programming work involves a microchip that is hidden under the black, plastic covering. This microchip has a serial number which a programmer has made unique to that one key. Auto makers and quality tech companies like A-1 sell Grade A keys that are guaranteed to never fail or loose their programming. Cheaper transponders sold on web sites like E-bay can come at a high cost because they are not programmed and in most cases they are inferior parts so they fail the majority of the time after they have been programmed. Buying the blank is only half of what needs to be done. That code must be programmed by a licensed and certified locksmith or car dealer in order to work with your vechicle.

If replacements are needed, they can be made by the dealer or a local locksmith like A-1. Dealers are nearly always more expensive; A-1 offers competitive rates as well as emergency services (in case of the transponder getting misplaced).

Programming generally does not take long. The great thing about A-1 Locksmith is we will come to you in Dallas, TX and the surround area. We will deliver a free brand new transponder key, program it on-site and guarantee the programming for the life of your vehicle generally for 50% less than your dealer would charge.

I have a brand new car, can I still get a Transponder Key from A-1?

In the past manufacturers were resistant to releasing their programming codes to locksmiths simply because of the possibility of theft; however most information is available to authorized techs. A-1 can program 99% of the vehicles on the road today. Because of the wide variety of auto makers and vehicles types it is difficult to list which cars can and cannot be programmed.

The best thing to do is call A-1 Locksmith at 972-284-7500 for a free quote on a transponder key. Our experienced agents will be able to help you and can even tell you where to get your key made if we cannot do it!

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