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Posted on October 25, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

A husband and wife are out for a drive and its cold out. So naturally they want to leave the vehicle running when they stop at the nearest convenience store for a drink and a snack. When they get out, they lock their vehicle, only to realize that not only did they lock the vehicle but they locked it with the keys in it. This is a common occurrence and since it’s not an emergency situation, the police won’t unlock the vehicle for them.

So now what do they do?

Recently, one couple in the Dallas area was met with this situation and fortunately, one had their net book in their possession and was able to get a wi-fi signal and find a Dallas locksmith through Google.

Instead of looking for a locksmith who had been in business for many years such as A-1Locksmith,the couple instead chose one that boasted of a fast and local car unlocking service for $19.

The company claimed that it provided fast, 24/7 service and at a very thrifty price. In today’s economic times, it’s not surprising that someone would be attracted by that price. The couple was ecstatic about finding someone so quickly and was impressed by the professionalism displayed by the receptionist who answered the phone. According to the dispatcher; Thankfully, there was a technician nearby and he would call back promptly. As the time ticked away, the couple became more agitated; after waiting more than 25 minutes, they decided to call the chosen locksmith back as this was not as advertised and was again told that the technician would promptly call the couple back.

The technician finally called back within about five minutes but took another 15 minutes to get to the couple. Somehow, this was not the fast service that had been advertised and they were already dissatisfied by their choice. The technician arrived and began filling out the invoice with a $35 service fee and an $85 labor charge.

Ok, WHERE  was the $19 advertised price??

This sounds like a locksmith scam to the couple; an advertised price to lure them into calling and then they are hit with a much different and higher than advertised price to unlock the vehicle.

This company took advantage of the situation knowing that the couple would be more likely to pay it – just get on with their day. Rather than go to the trouble of searching and waiting for another locksmith, the couple tried to reason with the locksmith. The husband brings up the advertisement and the chosen locksmith tells them that he will take off the $35 service fee BUT they still have to pay the $85 labor charge.

Not wanting to wait anymore and just get on with their day, they pay it. It pays check the Better Business Bureau for a reputable dealer such as A-1Locksmith or visiting RipOff Report to check for reports on Dallas locksmiths before calling one at random.

The couple feels like they have been scammed. They did get into their car and their problem WAS solved but not at the advertised price. Not only did they pay more, they feel like they were baited by the cheap price only to be charged an outrageous fee for the service.

They were taken advantage of because of the situation and were made to feel like there was no other way to solve the problem.

At A-1Locksmith, you can look forward to competitive prices and years of experience. Emergency service is available by qualified technicians in less than 15 minutes. An instant quote is also available via live chat. Compare A-1Locksmith and see for yourself. Emergency Dispatch Number (972) 284-7516 Call Center (972) 284-7500

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