Why A-1 Locksmith is the Best Dallas Locksmith Company

Posted on August 14, 2015 by Jaece Hogue

Putting your trust in a Dallas-area locksmith can be a difficult task if you’ve been burned by a scam of one of our competitors. Locksmiths perform a critical service, but often times this is a sensitive need for the customer. Whether it’s gaining access to an individual’s car, home or business or having a security system installed these services all require that you trust your provider to a degree well beyond electricians, plumbers etc.

How, then, can you find a locksmith in whom you can place your trust? Simple – by calling A-1 Locksmith in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We typically eschew boasting and would rather lean on our past clients’ testimonials, but we do want to highlight some benefits unique to A-1 Locksmith.

WeWhy A-1 Locksmith is the Best Dallas Locksmith Company’re in Your Area

Most importantly, we strive to provide quality locksmith services to local customers in our area, which is why we have expanded to numerous locations around the Dallas area. We have 11 area locations and we can come to you in quite literally any Dallas/Fort Worth location. With multiple physical locales, we are able to reach you more quickly, and offer you greater attention regardless of your needs.

We’re Proud to Show Our Face

Some locksmiths in Dallas drive around in unmarked vehicles, fail to provide proof of a license through the state, and may even fabricate information on their website to give the perception that they truly are a local locksmith company. These companies have no commitment to a reputation and you can be sure that they have little incentive to ensure your happiness with service.

At A-1 Locksmith, we understand the importance of personal connections, which is why we are proud to put a face to our name directly online. Visit the website of any one of our numerous locations and you can find the name and face of the individual manager, as well as pictures of our other trained personnel. Furthermore, you can drop by any one of our locations and meet the team or shop hardware.

We’ve Been Around for Over Half of a Century

Ultimately, we believe that we are able to consider ourselves the best Dallas locksmith company due to our unwavering commitment to area residents for over half a century. To be sure, our business has been in operation since 1949; from our humble beginnings, we have become the largest locksmith company in the Southwest, with more than 30 seasoned and veteran field technicians with many boasting over 12 years of experience and are able to come directly to your location. And throughout our decades of service to those within the Dallas area, we have still retained our dedication to the customer; whether you speak with the CEO or a technician on his or her first day of work, you will understand the passion and diligence of everyone associated with A-1 Locksmith.

Contact Our Team Today

Don’t wait to have your $15 service call skyrocket into a $150+ emergency service call by one of our competitors. Contact A-1 Locksmith for your locksmith needs and allow us to demonstrate why we have the strongest reputation of any locksmith company in Dallas/Fort Worth. At A-1 Locksmith, we are not hesitant in making the claim that we are the best Dallas locksmith company.

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