Top 5 Locksmith Scams to Avoid

Posted on August 11, 2015 by Jaece Hogue

Top 5 Locksmith Scams to AvoidAt A-1 Locksmith, we commit ourselves to honest and quality work and view our profession as one of service and protection. As such, our loyal customers often place unwavering trust within our friendly team of locksmiths because they know the consistent, quality services they will receive.

Unfortunately, however, not all of our competitors act in the best interests of their clients and may use the vulnerability of customers to their advantage, and employ any number of scams just to ensure a higher profit. If you’re in need of a locksmith, be on the lookout for these five scams, which are far too prevalent in Dallas, Fort Worth and throughout the nation.

Unlicensed Locksmith

Did you know that in order to become a locksmith in Texas, the individual must first be licensed by the state? Without a license from the Texas Department of Public Safety, a would-be locksmith is not allowed to perform services in Dallas or the rest of the state, even if he or she possesses the requisite skills.

Of course, many choose to sidestep the registration process, yet still make efforts to perform locksmith services within the State of Texas; here, however, their services are unregulated due to their lack of registration, putting the customers at risk. Instead of falling for this scam in the Dallas area, ask to see the locksmith’s license up-front before accepting any services and handing over any cash.

Price Discrepancies

Before requesting the services of a locksmith, most will first request a quote over the phone for a better idea of the cost of services. And, because of this, the same individuals are often baffled when the locksmith arrives, performs the service, and then asks for an amount exponentially larger than the quoted number.

This happens all too often to unsuspecting customers. Before services are rendered, ask for an on-site estimate to confirm the amount of money you will be required to pay. If you wait until after the service is rendered to understand the full scope of the cost then you have already become a victim of bait and switch.

Replacing a Functional Lock

In a common lockout situation, you may be under the impression that unlocking the existing lock without damage is the best course of action opposed to replacing the lock altogether. In the majority of situations, you are correct. However, some locksmiths will suggest that they must replace the lock entirely or drill through the door to open it; actions that will tack on a significant amount to the final bill. To prevent this questionable practice make sure that you are aware of the techniques being used by the locksmith performing the service and don’t hesitate to inquire further as to certain drastic actions the locksmith may be taking.

Emergency Services

In addition to offering on-site price discrepancies, many locksmiths will first quote a price, only to request a higher number after the work is performed, insisting that the bill is higher due to “emergency services,” mileage traveled or after-hour services. Again, once you have been quoted a price, make sure to confirm that same number before services are rendered. The charges may be valid, but the fee needs to be included in your up-front agreement.

Payment Up Front

Finally, it is not uncommon for locksmiths to insist that payment be rendered up-front for any future services performed. These same locksmiths will assert that up-front payment for their work is necessary to protect their interests.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t hesitate to explore alternate options. Holding the locksmith accountable if the work is not performed may be a challenge since you’ve given up your leverage and this is a situation you simply want to avoid.

If you’ve been burned by a locksmith before or if you don’t want to fall victim to one of these common locksmith scams, then contact Dallas/Fort Worth’s most reputable locksmith company A-1 Locksmith for help. We are dedicated to providing quality service to customers and will work quickly and diligently to ensure your satisfaction.

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