4 Ways to Avoid Locksmith Scams in Fort Worth

4 Ways to Avoid Locksmith Scams in Fort Worth

Posted on December 5, 2019 by A-1

It seems like more-and-more people in Fort Worth (and across the country) are becoming victims of locksmithing scams these days. Whether because of intentional deceit (such as jewelry thieves posing as locksmiths) or because they don’t have proper credentials (such as the plethora of unlicensed locksmiths out there), these locksmith scammers can take more than just your keys—they can compromise your belongings, safety and peace of mind.

The good news is that locksmith scams in Fort Worth are pretty easy to spot. From ensuring they’re members of professional locksmithing associations to verifying their vehicle is clearly marked, there are certain indicators that a Fort Worth locksmith company is professional and legitimate. Let’s take a look at four of them:

1. Company Branding 

For starters, locksmith team members should be wearing uniforms or clothing with official company branding. They should also arrive in marked vehicles that clearly display the company’s branding. (Some Fort Worth companies even monitor every locksmith via GPS to keep customers updated as to when they will arrive..) While there are ways for scammers to fake company branding, someone claiming to represent a professional locksmithing company should have a branded vehicle and/or clothing.

2. Professional Memberships

Another way you can tell that a Fort Worth locksmith or locksmith company is legitimate is if they’re a member of one or more professional locksmithing organizations. Some examples of locksmith organizations that are nationally recognized and trustworthy:

If a company gives you a fake locksmith organization or isn’t a member of any professional associations at all, that can be a red flag.

3. Phone Number and Website

This may sound simple, but do they have a working phone number and website? Test the phone number that they give you and if it immediately goes to voicemail or is disconnected, that might be a sign of a scammer. Most Fort Worth businesses these days have websites and online reviews as well, so you can visit these to verify whether the company is legitimate or not. 

4. Payment Process

Finally, you can take a look at the payment process, starting with the estimate. First, is there an estimate or fixed price on something as routine as an auto lockout? For other work, are your receiving your estimate in written format? Ideally, you’ll want a fixed rate, but some jobs do require an estimate; in which case, you’ll want a written estimate. Also, ask about payment methods. If cash is the only way you can pay, it should give you pause. Professional locksmith companies in Fort Worth will almost always accept checks, credit cards and/or mobile payments.

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