Why Car Remotes Stop Working

Why Car Remotes Stop Working

Posted on November 5, 2019 by A-1

You just finished grocery shopping. As you head to the parking lot, you press the button on your car remote and… nothing happens. Wait, what? Why did this happen? Is it just a dead battery? Weren’t car remotes supposed to last forever?

The truth is, car remotes are just like any other electronic. They fail on occasion. Let’s take a look at three common reasons for car remote failure and what you can do about it.

Reason #1: Dead Batteries

This is the most common reason, and probably the most obvious. Your car remote is powered by a battery and, as you likely already know, batteries fail eventually. Car remotes usually use lithium ion batteries, which have a long shelf life, but need to be replaced every three-to-four years or so. (Though it depends on how often you use your remote.)

Reason #2: Programming/Pairing Issue

Have you ever used a pair of bluetooth headphones and they stopped working? Most of the time, this happens when the headphones aren’t paired or programmed properly with the speakers. The same thing can happen with your car remote. Either the remote was never paired properly in the first place or it needs to be re-paired. This isn’t a common issue for new car owners; it typically pops up if you’re the second or third owner of a vehicle (especially with aftermarket remotes).

Reason #3: Damaged Transmitter/Receiver

Your remote transmits a signal and your car receives it. If any of the transmitter or receiver components are damaged, it can affect the connection between them. There are different signals for different remote buttons (locking/unlocking, starting the engine, opening the trunk, etc.), so any of them can fail.

What To Do When Your Car Remote Stops Working

While dead batteries are an easy enough problem for most people to solve by themselves, the other two situations require the help of an expert, like a dealer or locksmith. If the remote works sometimes and doesn’t work at other times, it may be a sign the battery is failing. Also, if the spare car key still works, that’s a good indicator that there might not be a programming issue. If you’re unsure (or don’t want to waste time investigating), a professional should be able to help you out.

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