3 Reasons why a Gun Cannot Replace a Home Security System

Posted on July 19, 2017 by Jaece Hogue

Let’s get serious for a moment.  While many of our safety and security write-ups here at A-1 Locksmith can be fun, silly and downright ridiculous, we’re cognizant that the safety of you and your family is a paramount concern.  It is to us, as well.  When it comes to home defense and security, one of the first inclinations of many is to rely on weapons in the home, primarily a gun.  While guns are useful tools in many regards, in truth they just don’t stack up when compared to some of the other methods available on the market for ensuring your house is secure. We’re not saying a gun is not effective, but it should not be your only option for home security.

Here we discuss three of the main reasons a gun simply can’t replace a quality home security system.

Always on the Job

While guns are certainly able to intimate or dissuade a would-be burglar or fend off an intruder who intends harm, firearms aren’t self-aware and ever-monitoring and can only be used when an individual is awake, alert and aware of danger.  A security system with motion detectors or window and lock sensors can be programmed to be alert when you simply can’t be.  This automatic monitoring and round-the-clock perseverance means that you can sleep soundly knowing there is a system in place to protect your home.

Preventative vs Reactive

Often guns don’t need to be fired to prove effective in case of a break in as the mere sight of a weapon can be enough to have a burglar running back off into the night.  This is, of course, after they have already broken into your home and encountered the gun owner.  This makes the gun a highly reactionary method of home defense.  Home security systems on the other hand alert loudly the moment a burglar attempts to enter the residence.  The reaction is typically the same in both instances with the intruder wanting to avoid arrest or personal injury, but the reactionary timing makes a sophisticated alarm system a preventative measure.  In addition, signs and window shields will often alert would-be criminals to the presence of a home security monitoring system, creating a further deterrent.

Only as Good as the Hands It’s In

The final check in the box in favor of home security system vs gun for protection is the reliance of a gun on being in a person’s hands.  While one member of the family may be trained in proper use, others may be too young or inexperienced to know how to properly wield and operate a weapon.  In addition, guns can be wrestled away from their owners, or potentially accessed by curious children despite our best warnings to never touch – which, of course, leads to the recommendation of a gun safe.  Guns, therefore, rely on the person behind the weapon.  A sophisticated home monitoring system not only has a technologically advanced computer running the show, with live monitoring there is a team of dedicated security individuals on call 24/7.  Each of these elements is specifically programmed or trained to have the safety and security of your home and family in mind.

The Bottom Line

While guns can be useful tools and serve a variety of purposes from protection to sport, when push comes to shove, a gun alone does not offer you a comprehensive solution to home security.  At A-1 Locksmiths our personnel are security experts trained to take your safety needs into consideration in order to pick out the home security solution that’s best for you.  Call A-1 today for a free home security consultation and find out when it comes to the safety of your most precious human valuables, nothing beats A-1.

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