5 Ways Your Kids Could be Hurting Your Home Security

Posted on June 21, 2017 by A-1

The joys of children.  You hold them when they’re babies.  They laugh and roll your eyes when they’re toddlers.  You help them through their primary school days with ABC’s and reading lessons.  You devote time, money and energy into helping them grow and blossom into young adults, only to see them digress into unbearable heathens for their teenage years – kidding, of course (?).  While we promise your kids will eventually reach a mature age, at A-1 Locksmith we can’t promise they won’t do so without causing some pesky risks to your home security system.  What should you be watching out for when it comes to kids and your security system?  Read on to find out…

Unlocked Doors…and Windows…And Garages and…

No matter the age of your child, locking up is never going to be their strong suit.  Easily distracted minds plus a lack of real-life experience to build an appreciation for security means they don’t always get the importance of securing the premises on their way out.  Stressing the importance of locking doors and closing windows to prevent intruders isn’t as much about paranoia as it is about building good habits to see your children through to adult years.  All else fails, have a family movie night screening of Home Alone.  Angry Joe Pesci is enough to scare most kids straight.

Don’t Forget We Have an Alarm

Building on the topic of distraction, kids will often conveniently forget that the home is armed with an alarm system.  Whether triggering false notifications upon entering or neglecting to arm the system when they exit, children can post a bit of a hurdle to peace of mind when it comes to alarm systems.  Try using your child’s birthdate as the passcode or some phrase or keystroke they select to help retention and get them involved in the process. Perhaps something more cryptic than their birth date is recommended, but something memorable to your child(ren) alone.

Friends in Low Places

If you’ve ever had a child in school you know that little ones share just about everything.  From lunches to colds, if one child has something it’s likely the majority of their friends do also.  This can pose a risk when it comes to passwords, keys and other security measures.  Ensure that your kids understand that keys, passwords and other details regarding your home’s safety are not to be shared under any circumstances.  It’s a lesson better taught and learned at a young age rather than after your valuables have gone missing.

Yes, this includes your children’s social media networks.

Loose Lips Sink…Home Protection

Speaking of sharing, it’s not just access that you should be worried about.  Kids often don’t understand the dangers of sharing information with friends, or strangers.  Teach your children that details regarding valuables such as their new Xbox system or mom’s fancy diamond ring, aren’t topics for bragging or sharing outside of the home.  Similarly, the way your home security system works or the location of various trigger points or cameras should also be kept close.

What’s the Big Deal Anyways

Similar to teaching your kids to lock up and secure the home, it’s important to teach children the value of security in general.  Having awareness of your physical surroundings and respect for good old-fashioned security is an essential life skill.  Local police departments often offer programs designed to help children develop these skills.

If you’re in need of a little child proofing or want to discuss security system upgrades that can help manage issues such as multiple passcodes, misplaced or mishandled keys or are in need of an overhaul, call A-1 locksmiths for a free consult today.

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