6 Ways Dallas Residents Can Improve Automobile Security in 2021

6 Ways Dallas Residents Can Improve Automobile Security in 2021

Posted on January 5, 2021 by A-1

We’ve officially made it… 2020 is in our rear-view mirror. Speaking of rear-view mirrors, it’s a good time to talk about cars. Specifically, improving car security for the coming year. 

If you’re considering a New Year’s Resolution in 2021, instead of focusing on losing weight or saving money, why not improve your automobile security instead? Here are a few ways Dallas residents can do just that.

1. Lock Your Car

This may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how many people leave their cars unlocked. Thieves target unlocked cars in Fort Worth, Dallas and other suburbs of North Texas, so you want to make sure your car is locked at all times, even if you’re at home.

2. Be Smart About Parking

We all love Dallas-Fort Worth, but certain parts of town are riskier than others when it comes to property crime. Be careful about where you park and choose a secure parking garage if it’s available. If you do park on the street, make sure it’s in a well-lit area. 

3. Upgrade Your Keys

Still using a basic set of car keys? Consider upgrading to a laser-cut or high-security key. These types of keys are more difficult to duplicate and can be made for any car or truck. Just make sure you go to a professional auto locksmith in Dallas instead of a dealer if you want to save some money.

4. Replace Your Remote

While you’re at it, why not replace your remote as well? You can also program a new remote to your vehicle if you don’t have one. With a remote, you can lock and unlock doors from across the parking lot, open the trunk or set off the alarm (if you have one).

5. Install Vehicle Tracking

There are a variety of car-tracking devices available today that utilize GPS technology. This lets you track where your vehicle is at all times and can even give you a discount on your insurance rates. Either sign up for a vehicle-tracking service or buy a standalone device for your car.

6. Add An Alarm

Alarms are another good way to deter criminals. If your vehicle doesn’t have an alarm system, consider adding one. You can do it yourself or purchase a professional installation.
If you’re interested in more ways to improve your automobile security, give us a call today or stop by any of our Dallas-Fort Worth locations.

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