So, You want to be a Locksmith…

Posted on November 5, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

Becoming a locksmith is an honorable pursuit. The title alone is a word that speaks volumes on trust and dependability.

So, what do you NEED to do in order to become a locksmith?

Well first things first, take courses that teach the basics of keys and locking mechanisms.  That is a simple answer, right? BUT you know there is more to the job of locksmithing than just studying.

Traditionally, locksmith training has taken place on the job; this helps the potential locksmith learn hands-on experience with the basics and according to the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA), those individuals who attend education programs CAN shorten the length of on-the-job training. There is a variety of options available. There are professional locksmith organizations, such as ALOA that provide certificate courses. Community colleges and technical schools also offer courses that teach skills and techniques of the locksmithing.

Now that you know where to find the education, what skills do you need?

A locksmith training program teaches the basics of locks and keys. Attendants of these classes learn how to make, copy AND fit keys as well as installation of locks, deadbolts, and locking devices for safes. There are also electronics courses available for those who wish to learn how to professionally install and monitor electronic surveillance devices and alarms. Those who are interested in becoming a locksmith may also benefit from the following additional courses:

  • Lock and Key specifications
  • Mechanisms for locking
  • Working with safes and vaults
  • Car locks
  • Electronic security systems
  • Bank lock devices

A-1 Locksmith is a professional installer of security systems as well as other security devices and would be happy to help answer questions from aspiring locksmiths. They have been in business for more than half a century—that’s a LOT of knowledge and skills!

Those interested in becoming a locksmith may opt for a certificate program. For example, the City University of New York (CUNY) offers a program that takes 90 course hours to complete and according to CUNY, those who enroll in the program learn about locks used in residential as well as commercial buildings. They also train to perform master keying and pinning techniques. The program also teaches students to install high security locks that are the most popular. Another college, Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) in Largo, MD also has a certificate program for Locksmiths. According to PGCC, students enrolled there typically earn their certificate in one year. It’s a 5-course training that encompasses the following tasks:

  • Install locks
  • Use electronic monitoring systems
  • Unlock car doors

For all of your locksmithing needs, call A-1 Locksmith at (972) 284-7500 for the call center or for Emergency service, call (972) 284-7516. A-1 Locksmith offers competitive pricing and years of experience and is a name you CAN trust.

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