Locksmith Dallas Biometrics, Part II

Posted on November 18, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

A-1 Locksmith Dallas is keeping up with the times. Although we’re not quite ready to make the jump to the world of Minority Report, locksmith Dallas companies such as A-1 will eventually be installing systems that require retinal scans or voice recognition checks for entry doors and security devices. The technology does exist, and A-1 Locksmith will be ready when the world decides to leap to that next level. Biometric technology is already in use in many products today, just a few of which are listed below.  Most of these devices utilize fingerprint technology (often the thumb) to assess an individual’s identity and measure it against previously captured templates stored in the biometric device’s memory.

  • Entry door locks utilizing biometric recognition are already being installed by locksmith Dallas companies at various organizations and government agencies, but they are also available, although in a limited scope, to residential homeowners.  Such technology would eliminate the need for bulky key rings and the inconvenience of replacement keys.
  • Some new laptop computers allow users access and operation via a fingerprint reading.  This technology is used in place of the traditional login and password combination.
  • Attendance time clocks, many of which are currently used by swiping a card or logging in through remote phone access, have been developed to use fingerprint recognition.
  • Some thumb drives, also called flash or jump drives, require a fingerprint reading to gain access information.
  • Credit card companies have the capability to utilize fingerprint technology to authenticate the use of cards they issue.  In this technology, members would be required to verify their identity as the card holder by supplying a fingerprint reading.

Overall, biometric technology offers many exciting solutions to modern day security and keyless entry challenges.  With the technology already available and the constant improvement in that technology, locksmith Dallas companies are sure to encounter biometric technology devices in the years ahead.  And certainly, the convenience and control that such technology can provide will be a boon to us all.  Thus, though we may not be living in the world of Precrime Officer Jon Anderton, that world is not far away.

As biometric technology becomes more and more prevalent in residential use, it will be important to have the knowledge and expertise of an experienced and trained locksmith.Dallas residents can count on the 24-hour, 7-day a week service of A-1 Locksmith Dallas.  Reach them at 972-284-7500 for all your locksmith Dallas needs.

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