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Posted on November 18, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

The Dallas locksmith security industry, like all industries and hobbies and areas of study in the world, has a special thread of lingo that its Dallas locksmith professionals are aware of and use extensively. It helps to unite people under a common banner of knowledge and can expedite information exchange. There is a phrase in the industry that refers to the practice of maintaining a high level of security by keeping the particulars of any one system a trade secret. The term is ‘security through obscurity,’ and the debates over its merits and shortcomings tend to divide people within the industry. However, it is generally accepted that keeping certain details secret, such as how a certain locking mechanism operates or the components of a particular security system, is a good practice to implement in conjunction with other measures. The proponents of this principle argue that criminals or other such ill-aligned individuals would use knowledge of locks for illegal gain, and as such secrecy is a prime tool. However, there is another face of the industry that respectfully disagrees.


These Dallas locksmith individuals likely participate in the hobby of locksport. This term refers to the recreational hobby of learning how locks operate and, as well, how to defeat them. Locksport has been around, in some documented form or another, since the 18th century. The general philosophy behind the sport is that, if utilized in a properly responsible manner, full disclosure can be viable in the security industry. Locksport enthusiasts often work to discover any security flaws or other such vulnerabilities, and many in fact inform the lock’s manufacturer of these defects. However, it is when these individuals alert the public to the lock’s flaws that the manufacturers have a problem. This move can be seen as a way for the public to become better informed consumers when it comes to security-related products, but there is still room for malicious deeds if the information gets into the wrong hands. It seems that even Dallas locksmith technological progress cannot stifle this disagreement.

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