Can You Buy Transponder Keys on Ebay?

Posted on September 24, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

The question is simple, “Can you save money by buying transponder keys on sites like Ebay, or not?”

The Answer: No, not really.

Many people think the answer is automatically yes and are surprised to hear that it can cost more in the long-run. It seems logical after all, just look at how low those prices can get: “Only $12!! Buy Now!” Seriously, who can beat that, right? Let’s look at why buying these low-priced transponder keys does not save you money but can actually cost you more.

Reason #1: The keys are cheaper because they use low-quality parts.

What the sellers of these cheap keys on sites like Ebay don’t tell you is that their transponder keys are not the same grade or quality that you would get from an auto dealership or a local locksmith.

The cheap auto keys they sell on Ebay use older, cheaper parts, which in turn means they do not hold their programming. What does that mean to you? That means they will work for a while, then suddenly stop working, leaving you stranded. At that point, you can either replace the key with a genuine transponder key that will work for life or reprogram your cheap key at your own expense and risk being stuck in the future.

Keys sold by A-1 Locksmith use only top quality parts and are purchased directly from the car manufactures themselves. That means they are guaranteed to work for life and never fail. We also offer free quotes over the phone, so you know exactly what you will be paying at the time of service.

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A-1 Locksmith also guarantees savings of 25% – 50% over other local competition and offers free mobile service – meaning you don’t have to take time driving to a store or dealership. You don’t have to wait in a lobby while they take care of other customers before you. Our locksmiths come to you for FREE! We can literally come to your home while you watch sports on your big screen. You never have to leave your couch!

Reason #2: The keys must be programmed, which is where most of the cost is found.

Another reason buying cheap transponder keys on Ebay is not a good idea is that the keys still have to be programmed to start your car. The machine that programs transponder keys is very expensive, requires a trained professional to operate it, and requires that your vehicle be present. Programming costs can be in excess of several hundred dollars, even if all you need is the programming.

Now remember, A-1 Locksmith will provide FREE on-site programming if you purchase the key from us. Why would we give away the programming? The reason we charge to program other keys is that often times cheap keys are much more difficult to work with because the parts are not up to standards. Sometimes those cheap transponder keys from Ebay won’t even take the programming. Showing up with a key now means you have to pay for programming, so any savings you would have gained is now immediately erased.

Don’t Enter the Cycle

Even when presented with the facts, some people still think they can save money, so they ignore the warnings and buy the cheap keys on Ebay anyway. That is when they find out that many cheap auto keys from Ebay cannot be programmed. Now they have to buy another key and start the whole process over again. Even if the programming takes the first time, the keys cannot be guaranteed or warranted by the programmer because the Ebay keys are a lower quality.

When the key stops working they now have to repay to get it programmed again. Solid, quality transponder keys sold by locksmiths like A-1 Locksmith will never loose their programming and are guaranteed to work for the life of your vehicle.

Don’t be fooled by cheap prices on Ebay or other websites. You get what you pay for. It can end up costing you more time, money and stress than it is worth. Buying transponder keys from a reliable locksmith is your wisest move.

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