Transponder Keys Cost Less Than At Your Auto Dealership

Posted on September 24, 2010 by A-1

Locksmith Dallas transponder keys are commonly misunderstood. The thought is that if you loose your car keys you can only get them replaced at an auto dealership.

The reality is locksmith Dallas transponder keys can be purchased from a number of places (beware of buying them online), and a local locksmith Dallas shop can program them. Auto dealers don’t want people to know that these transponder keys can be provided by a local locksmith.Dallas has several companies that have the proper equipment to make these keys at 50% less than the dealers.

Ask your auto dealer these questions

Some people don’t believe it. Maybe they think their auto dealer would never misrepresent facts or mark something up that much and other places such as A-1 Locksmith Dallas couldn’t possibly deliver the same product for less.  Those people need to go to the dealership and ask them:

  1. How much are a set of floor mats for my car?
  2. What do you charge for simple oil change?
  3. If I wanted to buy that air freshener, how much?

It won’t take long for anyone to see that you can get the same product or service, often times for much less with better quality and service somewhere else. A locksmith Dallas shop or mobile service, for instance, will provide you better service for half the price. Granted if you can get to the dealer early enough and there are still some left, you get “free” donuts and coffee at most dealerships. Still, why would you pay more for the right to sit in a waiting room and eat donuts.

So how does this happen? Why do people think auto dealers are the only one that can help them and that their local locksmith Dallas tech wouldn’t have the technology?

Picture this, a young family has just bought their new car. and the sales clerk hands them the keys and then casually says – with a touch of concern in their voice, “Now don’t loose these keys. If you do, you have to come back to the dealership to get them replaced and they cost $300 each.”

The fact is in the early days of transponder key replacement they weren’t lying. Many auto manufactures were concerned about openly releasing their key codes to anyone but their dealers, in order to protect the cars from theft. That was around 1995.

Now over 15 years later, these same codes that were so closely guarded earlier are now widely available to other professionals at your local locksmith.Dallas locksmiths can often come right to your front door to program your key!

The best way to find out if what your dealer told you was true is simply to contact a reliable local locksmith Dallas company, such as A-1 Locksmith Dallas and ask them. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain, or you can keep buying floor mats, oil changes and coffee mugs at your dealership, paying more for the same product. The choice is yours.

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