Learn How to Avoid Having Your House Broken Into

Posted on September 27, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

Several videos have been gaining popularity on the web regarding the security of locks. It seems that most of the popular locks on the market are surprisingly unsecure. In this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwTVBWCijEQ, the instructor explains how easy it is to “bump a lock.” He boldly states that “when properly used, any key will open any lock that it fits into.” Although this statement is slightly exaggerated, it is something of concern for consumers and locksmiths alike. A-1 Locksmith is the only Dallas locksmith in DFW that is taking measures to inform the public of lock security and promote the sales of high security locks like Mul-T-Lock. www.mul-t-lock.com/

A bump key is made by taking a key that fits into a particular brand of lock but isn’t precut to open the lock. It is important that the key slides all the way into the lock. Next, the key needs to be cut into a specific shape. The valleys in the key need to be filed down to the deepest depths possible and the peaks should be small and equal in size. Once the key has been made, slide it all the way in the lock and pull it back out 1 click. Then, while applying slight pressure to the lower side of the key, tap the key into the lock using a hammer or butt of a screwdriver. The lock should turn freely within the first few tries. If it doesn’t, the key might need to be remade. Making a bump key is relatively easy after just a few tries.

Lock manufacturers continue to make locks that are easily bumped because of the public’s lack of knowledge. Consumers are generally unaware of the multiple levels of lock security that are available. A-1 Locksmith, the top rated Dallas locksmith company, is taking steps to inform their customers about high security locks. Contact A-1 Locksmith to find out how you can improve the security of your home or business.

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