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Posted on December 10, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

It’s really hard to find a place to find cheap transponder key but still havegood quality. Most places that offer  so called affordable car keys end up being really bad quality and end up breaking or just not working after just a few weeks. A-1 Locksmith wants to give a healthy median for your car key need.

A-1 Locksmith has the highest quality transponder keys for every make and model out there. That is saying something because most car dealerships only offer specific key models and charge extra for programming the key as well.

Car dealerships charge you $80 to $450 for only one non programmed transponder key! That is almost highway robbery not quite but some could think that. Car dealerships don’t really care about your money situation or the economical downfall of America but only about themselves and what happens to their company. Unlike A-1 Locksmith who looks at the finances of the community of Dallas as tries to meet them half way in this hard financial time.

A-1 Locksmith has transponder key for only $40 to $175! That’s super cheap! They also have on site programming for your keys if that’s all your needing. CALL 972-284-7500 for more info! Or get a free instant quote HERE

Ebay has transponder key as well but you always risk the quality part of the key. Their have been many people that have been scammed and lost lots of time and money from believing they could get a transponder key for an extreme unrealistic low price. So if you do chose to look online at some these places like Ebay prepare yourself to be disappointed when you finally receive your key. More than likely it will be broken or not even a transponder key.

A-1 Locksmith is trying to supply the most accurate and useful information to the Dallas and Fort Worth community concerning transponder keys. They are always putting up new information on their blogs about the most current dallas locksmith technology and how it affects you. If you ever have any questions feel free to contact us either through coming to the store or calling.

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