Transponder Key Reprogramming

Posted on December 9, 2010 by Jaece Hogue

Throughout life we have to get new things or reprogram stuff. Well the same thing goes for the transponder key. We have to constantly either make new ones or reprogram our transponder key. A-1 Locksmith can either rekey or reprogram any key type that you have. They have to the capability to do programming on any car model key.

Now most places like car dealerships you have to go to them to get your keys remade or reprogrammed. But A-1 Locksmith can reprogram your keys where ever you are at. They have on site programming just to meet the customers need.

A-1 Locksmith has transponder key for $40 to $175! Unlike car dealerships that charge you $80 to $450 for only one transponder key and half the time it’s not programmed, it’s only for the key itself. For affordable transponder keys CALL 972-284-7500 for more info!

Some people buy transponder keys off Craiglist or even Ebay only to find out when they get the key in the mail it is either broken or not programmed at all. Well only technicians know how to program these kinds of keys so more than likely if you try and buy something from these two places you will be scammed out of your money. Even if you get a legit key and it’s not programmed you will still have to pay for it to be programmed. So then you have to go drive some place and pray that the dealership or locksmith doesn’t make you pay for a whole new transponder key. A lot of times they make you buy their product instead of a source from the outside.

You more than likely won’t have to reprogram you key more than once every few years not even that if you take care of it. But then it again you can lose your key or it can get smashed then you would have to replace and reprogram it.

A-1 Locksmith guarantees the lowest prices in the locksmith industry! CALL 972-284-7500 for more info!

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